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here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] break news. iran says it is ready to release a female u.s. hiker held for more than a year, but is there catch guahen. new word on that massive fire near san francisco today. officials are now changing the number of those ad and missing. >> middle class families, middle class families. >> you got that in the middle class mantra. president obama plans another week pushing the economy. a report on the new message from the white house. cashing in that sexy russian spy is back in the headlines. now it appears she is trying to make money in a new way. and good morning to all of you. welcome to msnbc sunday.
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breaking news out of iran this morning. officials now say they will release an american hiker held in that will country for more than a year. sarah shourd has been one of three detained since last year. her iranian lawyers say she could be released in the next two or three days, a major abo face for iran. she is one of three american hikers accused of spying. shane baueand josh fattal have all been held since july of 2009. a new death toll this morning from the massive gas explosionings in northern california. crews found three more bodies in the charred section of san bruno, raising the total number of victims to seven. police say an additional six people are still missing. also new, officis told residents for the first time many will be able to visit their homes today. some already know they'll find nothing. >> well, we want to know what will happen after this you know.
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are we going to rebuild our house? i want to have a home for my family. >> nbc's miguel almuer has more from sanor bruno, californ. what a story this develops into. with a good morning to you. how about new remains discovered by the crews? >> reporter: good morning to you, alex. there will certainly was chaos and confusion in the hours following the blast and evenda some there remains uncertainty. as you mentioned, the official death toll is seven and police ay six more people are still missing. those numbers have changed throughout the last couple of days. you have to remember this blast really destroyed, it ripped across as entire neighborhood wiping out some 40 homes and disintegrating many of the areas and homes right by the heart of the explosion. investigators are still having a difficult time figuring out exactly who is missi, who is unaccounted for and who has not come down from that blast zone. yesterday as ntsb investigators were up on the hill trying to figure out the cause of this
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explosion, cadaver dogs were close by looking for some of those folks still missing. still a very confusing situation up on the hill. >> this fire happened on thursday. you would think here we are 48, 72 hours later approaching, people would know if a loved one was missing. is there any particular reason why it took so long to figure out these people weren't around? >> reporter: police asked originally for everyone who lived in that area to come down to, report to the red cross to, give their whereabouts to say where they lived and they had safely made it back. they were counting on folks to do that. many did but some did not. their numbers have been going back and forth because they're hearing about more people who haven't been heard from and more people safe and made it down friom the hill for the first time. of course, as i mentioned, just the explosion, thssee massive explosion destroyed so much in that area that, investigators are still trying to determine who was up on that hill.
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>> yeah. still unbelievable pictures, indeed. miguel, thanks so much. hundreds of displaced residents pack into the san bruno town hall meeting. people cheered the fire and police chiefs who helped with the evacuations and ma relieved to hear they would be able to visit their homes but also expressed feelings of anxiety and frustration. >> you think oh, i'm going to get this, oh, no, i don't have that anymore. my house is totally ashes. i have nothing. worked out of the house like this. where do i go from he in building my life back one dayat a time. >> the smoke, plastics that burn. is that -- to rebuild, are we going to be breathing that? long-time concern
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>> the immediate blast zone will remain closed to residents as crews continue to search for those still missing. a sharpened message from the white house as president obama zeros in on the economy in the midterm elections less than two months away now. tomorrow he'll meet with families in virginia to push the same message he tried to drive home during a news conference on friday. >> middle class, middle class families, middle class, middle class families, middle class families, middle class tax relief, middle class tax cut. middle class, middle class families, middle class families climb into the middle class. >> nbc's mike viqueira is live at the wte house. i think i'm pretty clear who the president is targeting here. what do you think? >> john boehner. it you're absolute right. it's the middle class, not uncommon for a president. remember president clinton's bridge to the 21st century? all about the mile class. the president talking time and timegain how he has cut taxes
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for the middle class. it all comes down to the election. this is the contempt which the president is speaking now. you saw him kick off the campaign season last labor day withthat stemwinder of a speech out in mock taking republicans to task and republicans now threateninthe democratic majorities certainly in the house, if not the senate. you're going to see this heightened rhetoric from now till november 2nd, election day, alex. the ste is set for congress to retu. they had a very long august break, alex. it lasted six weeks. now they're coming back the week after bor day. they're ly in town for about four weeks. what's on the agenda in the middle css and that tax cut that republicans and the president are going to be fighting about. the bush tax cuts of 2001 set to pire at the end of this year. the president wants to extend them for everyone in the middle class. if you're making mo than $250,000 a year as a couple, you are not in the middle class by the democrats and the president's definition, but republicans want to extend them ose people as well, in
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other words, everyone. that is the fight we're going to be seeing over the coming weeks here in washington, alex. >> duke's up. we'll talk to you soon. thanks, mike. we are following breaking news out of iran at this hour and a jailed american hiker held for over 13 months nowy authorities may be released within days. share ra shourd could soon come home on half a million dollars bail. ali, tell me what's behind all this? what brought this about? >> well, alex, this is another out turn by the iranians. you know, from a weekend of toing and froing, they've suddenly said they're going let her go on $500,000 bail, which was contrary to all the statements president ahmadinejad's office made over the weekend. on friday they said she was going to be released on saturday because the president had personally intervened. then the chief prosecutor overruled all of this, which was very embarrassing for the president andighlights this
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rift even amongst the nservatives in iran today. >> ali, there is one report that says what's behind this, as well, is the fact that sarah shourd is in poor health. we've spoken with theer hikers' parents over the last year, their moms in particular. she may be suffering from depression, bad health that's only deteriorating. do you think that is behind it, that mahmoud ahmadinejad does not want to be held resnsible for something bad that could happen to her? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean even for the first time today, the chief prosecutor acknowledged she's being released on medical grounds as well as islamic clemency. but back in may, we were allowed to go to the hotel where their mothers visited them. and we were in the hotel room. we saw all three of them in the room. ey all look terrible, quite frankly. alyear in an iranian prison had taken an emotial and physical toll on them. mentioned recentl
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out of an interview she had lumpbrs on her breasts, she may have had precancer, cervical cells and not getting the medical attention she needs in an iranian prison. i think the last thing the iranians would want as a pr disaster is for something very serious to happen to her in jail. >> okay. ali arouzi, we'll talk to you again. i want to get an update on josh and shane as well. an unusual end to the 9/11 memorial events taking place in new york city this weekend. my colleague veronica de la cruz is joining me with more on that. you no, september 11th is a very emotional daybu already, but the commemorations were a little bit different. >> they were different. good morning to you, alex. there were very visible differences this year and one of those involved the tribute in light at ground zero. last night, the tribute had to be shut down for half an hour after about 1,000 confused birds flew right into the powerful lights. pretty interesting.
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the tribute in light is marked by two twin beams shooting from where the twin towers once stood. and while the ninth anniversary was marked with memorials earlier in the day and the twin beams at fight, it's what happened in the middle of the day that spurred the most conversation. just blocks from the ceremony taking place at ground zero, dual allies, several hundred people gathered to protest thei proposed islamic center and about 1,000 activists rallied in support of the project. many held signs that red the attack on islam is racism. viand then in gainesville, florida, about 200 people showes up to protest the florida pastor who now says he's not going to burn korans at his church. despite the tension, some say this could lead to a national conversation about religion. >> the positive outcome, one is
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the conversation was never really had, and i think it's been a long time coming. >> meanwhile, leaders who groun attack sites sought to remind americans of the unity that followed the attacks at that time. >> thanks, veronica de la cruz. six people are dead after a shooting ampage in kentucky that apparently started because the gunman didn't like the way his . a state trooper says the 47-year-old stanley neace killed five people in many two mobile homes yesterday before turning the gun on himself. a relative of two victims says wyatt witnesses told her neace went into a rage over his breakfast and when his wife fled to a neighbor's trailer, he followed. >> seen him chasing his wife shooting at her. her begging and pleading with him saying we can work things out. he said i'll work it out and everything got real quiet. >> neace killed his wife and step daughter along with three
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witnesses. he killed himself as police b arrived at that scene about an hour later. a setback this weekend for those 33 trapped miners in chile. crews are currently drilling two separate rescue shafts but the drill head for one has broken. engineers are trying to find it. if they don't, they may have to start drilling a new hole. health officials are now giving miners permission to smoke. the ventilation system has improved they'll be able to light up occasionally. the miners have been trapped since august 5th and it could take months before they are saved. another atlantic hurricane could be threatening land. igor reached hurricane strength last night. while it's only a category one right now, it is expected to build to a major hurricane by late monday. for the complete sunday forecast, let's go to jeff morrow. jeff, good day to you. >> hey, good day, alex. yeah, i think actually igor may be well on its way to a category 2 here. if you look at the satellite picture, the eye is starting to be well formed
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this hurricane is definitely in a strengthening e'mode. there's something behind it here too which will probably be another depression. if that were to get a name, it would be julia. let's deal with igor. this would be the projected path here. you can see we're expecting it to take a very similar track. if you remember back to danielle, it came very close to bermuda, maybe off to the east. this mail follow a similar track. it's too early to call whether it would affect the united states or not. look at wind speeds up to 130 miles an hour. igor could very well be a major hurricane as we head into the middle parts of this week with winds up at 130, 135 miles hour. as far as grandparents day, i don't know if you knew that, today is national grandparents day, a pretty nice day for most areas. rain along the coast and a little bit of rain in the northeast. i know you're going to get a little rain in the northeast here in the next few few hours. happy grandparents day. >> that is so nice. did i not know that. thanks for sharing.
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jeff morrow, we'll check more weather with you later. police are investigate agincident in pennsylvania where hundreds of students were accidentally shown x rated pictures during a high school assembly. officials say a speakelorl froe local blood bank was giving a presentation when it took the show shocking turn. the man apparently stored pornography on the same flash drive where he kept information about donating blood. students were stunned, parents outraged. >> then everybody loed up and saw it and the principal saw it and they went up immediately and tried stopping it. >> wow. by that time you guys had already seen. >> by that time everybody sn. >> i think he should be punished to the fullest. >> well, the school sent home an apology letter and the worker has been suspended indefinitely. fixing the economy. promising numbers over the past few days. is it enough to help democrats as the midterms an approach. cashing in, that sexy russian spy tries to capitalize on her notoriety. plus, who will win the most moon
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new signs of life on the economy. encouraging reports on jobs, trade, inventories are opening up new speculation around november's midterm election. could the democrats be in better shape than their opponents think? let's bringing in eleanor clift from news week here in the studio. john decker washington correspondent for reuters. good morning eleanor and john. eleanor, we've seen better than expected news over the past few days economically speaking. if things turn around a little bit, could we startmo talking
8:19 am
about a democratic comeback? >> well, i think we might start talking about democrats limiting the damages. limiting the losses. i think the president is trying to make the case that he has put the right policies in place and that he needs more time. and if the numbers are looking better, i think perhaps the voters will take what he sayson face value and we'll just automatically vote for change. the second part of the president's strategy is to put a fa on the party of opposition, elevating john boehner and pointing out that he isn't exactly the face of change. he's been around a long time. he's advocating policies that go back to bush. so, the democrats have a policy or a strategy in place. and if the economic numbers cooperate, maybe they'll hold on to the house and won't do so bad in the senate. i think that's abouthe best they could hope for is limiting the damage. >> john. >> the president had a 75-minute
8:20 am
news conference friday talking about the economy tomorrow. has the president effectively conveyed comforting word messages to voters and more to democrat who are running for re-election or first-timers? >> so far he hasn't. if you look at the right track, wrong track poll, more americans believe we're on the wrong track right now, a poll that measures the president's favorability in terms of managing the economy, he doesn't have good numbers there. it's so tough especially with the unemployment rate 9.6% in certain states like nevada, 14%, 1.6% economic growth in the u.s. economy, it's so hard to make that argument that his policies have actually worked when so many americans are out of work. >> done, throw up that graphic e more time. we look at those numbers again. disapproval 56% on the economy. turn a hard thing to around versus 39% approval. eleanor, the voters blame republicans interestingly
8:21 am
despite that statistic, they blame republicans more than the president for the current problems. that said, what will it take to help the democrats capitalize on that? well, i think the best thing that the democrats have going for them is theth weakness of t republican candidates. and you have some senate candidates in nevada and kentucky and col quol who are really dragging down the other members of their party on the ticket. so i think the president has to set this up as a choice, not necessarily a referendum on a weak economy. and i think that he has hit on a message that might resonate. he's not talking so much about government spendin he's talking about getting the private sector to grow. he's announced some proposals that normally republicans would clamor tore support. and they're not supporting him and so that draws up the contrast of a party that seems to want him to fail. and i think he needs to paint the party of the republicans as
8:22 am
obstructionists. all things he should have been doing all year. that's the frustration of democrats is why he hasn't made a better case for himself and democratic policies months ago. >> and joh perhaps based on change, that was the sentiment on which he was ushered into office was high expectations. i mean, how much of that has changed? >> it's changed a lot. and unfortunately, for the president, the economy has changed a for some could argue even the worse. the president to some extent had such high expectations as yo just point out. so many people were expecting the president to come in with his economic plan and immediately the economy would, we'd see this huge upswing i terms of the employment numbers, in terms of gdp numbers. and that's unrealistic, first of all, to expect, but also the president unfortunately because of such high expectations hasn't met those. and i think unfortunately for the preside nt and his party,
8:23 am
it's going to be reflected in the polls in november. >> we will see. eleanor clift, john decker. thank you both. a sweet new record is on the books for the largest chocolate bar. the bar was made in armenia, weighs almost five tons. this treat will be handed out to anyone who wants a little chocolate fix nxt month. ♪ i'm feeling yummy head to toe you see me, ain't got no patience so let's go ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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the soft feel we need, and have it stand up to anything we throw at it. then let's get it installed, and save money on the whole project. we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. l get exclusive pmartha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house for just 37 bucks. big news from hollywood. mtv's music awards, video music awards are tonight and there's urprise appearances plus another cast member of "jersey shore" gets dealt a legal setback. the list of the highest paid acto is out. who makes the most in the latest entertainment headlines from dawn jannik. good morning to you. let's just look at one of the biggest contenders. lady gaga? >> take a look.
8:27 am
maybe we don't have video. ♪ >> all right. i wanted more lady gaga right there. you guys work on that in the booth. what should we be watching for tonight? >> of course, lady gaga and whatever contraption she's going to clothe herself in. chelsea handler will be hosting the awards. we'll be seeing presenters we love including some of the cast of "glee agree" and the cast of the "jersey shore." the big thing evybody's going to be watching for is this reunion between taylor swift and kanye west. it was a year ago that award speech debacle hurt kanye's career in a bigway. he was tweeting all sorts of weird an pol jazz about the whole debacle. he said he wrote a song for her that he wanted her to perform. if she didn't want to, he would
8:28 am
perform it will himself. reports were coming out taylor has written a song about the incident and will be performing it tonight at the vmas. >> dueling songs potentially. >> going to be interesting. i heary lindsay lohan may show up? >> she may. this may be her first formal appearance after her jail debacle. she was spotted on friday at the rehearsals. >> we'll see. what will about the "jersey shore" members? they'll be there tonight. but there may be a legal setback? >> the situation is in a bit of a legal situation. yes, he attempted to trademark his name but was apparently beaten to the punch by a memphis retailer who has aine called situation and they deemed it too close. he's not the first jersey shore cast member to run into trouble. snooki tried to trademark her name but there's a children's book called "the adventures of snooki" about an underwater cat. >> too bad for them. moving on, forbes magazine, they have their list of the highest
8:29 am
paid actors. who's on top? >> topping the list, johnny depp ea rn add estimated$75 million between june 2009 and june 2010. he has the whole pirates of the caribbean" franchise and alice in conder land" earned about $1 billion this past year. rounding out the list, people like tom hanks, adam sandler, camer oh nard dodi capriio in at number five. "inception" came out in july and was not included in the dawn, going to get more from you later. thankyo you. breaking down the bush tax cuts. what they mean for the money in your wallet if they expire. she didn't last as a spy but she's quite a celebrity in russia. how russian redhead anna chapman is cashing in. new report when we could see a royal wedding. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
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here are the top stories four. a senior iranian prosecutor says authorit hies will release an american hike owner,0 $500,000 bail because of health problems. sarah shourd has been jailed after she was arrested with two other americans accused of spying. crews trying to stop a wildfire in the colorado foothills are getting help from calmer weather. the team fighting the fire expects to fully contain the fire late monday or tuesday. crews cleaning up the site of the school name ford al gore hope to have it ready to open by tomorrow. last weekend it was revealed the $75 million los angeles school was built on toxic soil. .gore won a nobel peace prize for environmental work. dlet's go now decision 2010 and a look at some of the senate seats most likely to flip from one party to thelet's take we've made. five democratic held seats are now tilting or solidly in the gop column. rth dakota, delaware, arkansas, indiana, pennsylvania there and five democratic-held seats we label as tossups illinois, colorado, nevada,
8:34 am
wisconsin and washington. well, mark murray is deputy political director. it's a busy sunday. good moning. >> good morning. >> first up, let's look at delaware. republican congressman mike castle is facing the challenge by the tea party favorite chstine o'donnell. if o'donnell wins the primary, does that help democrats in the general election? >> it does probably help. kristin o'donnell ha been endorsed by sarah palin and al south carolina senator ji demint. mike castle is the overwhelmin favorite not only to win the primary but also to win in the general election. remember, this is joese biden's old senate seat. and republicans are looking for a pickup. if o'donnell is able to pull off e upset, we saw joe miller pull off the upset in alaska against lisa murkowski, democrats think tir candidate chris koontz would have a better chance to win the contest. just like the map you just saw, this entire cycle we're playing on democratic turf and delaware
8:35 am
is one of the pieces. >> let's get to il noise. alex il giannoulias is neck and neck with mark kirk. >> this is probably the purest 0/50 contest out there. both mark and alexei have flaws going into this contest. mark kirk is benefited by the national pole itical winds that are at the republicans' back. what's benefiting alexei jeenls giannoulias, this is barack obama's home state. you look at l the polling out there, and this ways could go either way. >> washington, we have another very close senate race in that state. what can you tell us about patty murray versus dino rossi? ranking it a tossup. >> it is a tossup. this is a race we'll watching and maybe pull agall-nighter for. republicans need to pick up ten senate seats to takee back
8:36 am
control of the senate. that's a very tough hill to climb. however, they could be, if we see someone like republicans winning in delaware, winning in illinois, winning in wisconsin very late at night on the west coast and washington state, patty murray and her opponent republican opponent dino rossi would be a really interesting race to watch and it could be if republicans, everything is going their way that night could be the last piece of the puzzle for them to take back the chamber of the senate. >> doesn't help that it's on the west coast. what about the house? are the democrats resigned to conceding power there, or are they looking for a turnaround the next few weeks and think it's realistic. >> they're not resigned at all. right now the republicans have everything going in their favor but still to pick up a net of 39 house seats. democrats are confident they'll be able to win at least two or three republican-held seats which bumps up the republican number, their overall net number
8:37 am
to about 42 and 43 come election night. you know, when democrats took back the house in 2006, they only gained 30 seats. that shows you that picking up some 40 seats is pretty tough to do. when you look at races race by race, you can see the republicans' path to victory and also see democrats being able to eke out wins. there are some house races we're watching like an open seat in wisconsin, the long-time incumbent congressman democratic congressman john separate of south carolina, also long time democratic congressman ike skelton. if those people can hold on election night, democrats might be able to hold the house. but it's going to be a really fun night. for political junkies like me watches these races race by race we can see in the democrats e r ing to hold on to control o lose it. >> thanks so much. wall street we'll be watching tomorrow to see if the dow has another winning day. the blue chips gained 48 points friday while the nax surged six.
8:38 am
did back to school shopping earn an a for fors? we'll find out when monthly sales figures for august are released on that. is china's currency undervalued? a house hearing will be held on ways to stop china from manipulating its currency. thegreat american beer festival gets under way in denver. mo than 2,000 beers will be there. sales from small brewers rose 10% last year. big beer makers saw declines. president obama continues to pitch ideas for fixing the economy. on friday, the president said republicans are stalling tax cuts for the middle class and blasted their effort to extend the bush era tax cuts for wealth year americans. >> what i've got is the republicans holding middle class tax relief hostage because they're insisting we've got to give tax relief to millnaires an billionaires to the tune of about $100,000 per millionaire.
8:39 am
which would cost over the course of ten years $700 billion. >> so with more now on the impact of the bush tax cuts and wa they mean for you, vera gibbons, analyst. let's get to this. you've got details to share. the president wants to keep the bush tax cuts for people earning less than $250,000. not for anybody earning over a quarter million. what would the impact be if congress does not extend these tax cuts? how would the rates all change. >> all of the rates would go up. we have six tax brackets starting and going up to 35% replaced by brackets starting at 15% on up to 39.6%. rates would go up across the board costing us $150 billion next year alone. >> how much more would the tax man take from us if the cuts were allowed to expire. >> how much more depends on how much income you you make. say you make 20,000 to $30,000, an average tax increase of about
8:40 am
$800. if you make 30,000 to 40,000, an average increase of $900. $50,000 to $60,000, over $1100. if you make over a million dollars you're looking at an average tax increase of over $100,000. >> but regarding that last graphic we just show, people making 10,000, $20,000, they're not going to get an f increase. >> they will if you let the bush tax cuts expire. everybody would feel it. >> across the board there will be increases. >> even if you make under $10,000, you're looking at an average increase of $90. >> this is not just for quarter million dollars and up makers. >> if they're left to expire, we'll all be up against higher brackets. >> tax credits for children. >> that would change too if there's not intervention. right now the tax credit is $1,000 that would go back down to $500 and the eligibility requirements would make it more difficult for families to get
8:41 am
the $500. >> crunching the numbers. thank you so much. appreciate that. our world view this morning begins in mexico where police were able to safely detdnate a bomb inside a car. a phone tip led them to the border town of ciudad juarez and they found a body insideone car and a bottom inside other. that town is the site of an escalating turf war. in argentina, huge crowds protested budget cuts for schools. some have taken over school buildings in theast week forcing classes to be held outdoors. in greece, a man was arrested after throwing a shoe an the prime minister. the shoe did not hit the leader. greek unions have been planning protests against the country's austerity measure. kites in australia. windy weather made for perfect conditions. kites in the shape of a alien, a giant octopus, they were all seen. this is australia's largest kite
8:42 am
flying event. prince william may soon end the wedding wait to his girlfriend kate middleton. london's news of the world is reporting there's a 2012 wedding in the works. the royal editor for news of the world broke this morning's story. good morning. >> morning, alex. >> 2012, that would be a old year for tlhe folks in london. the prince turning 30, got to be parties and celebrations for that. london will host the olympic games. the queen's diamond jubilee. do you think they would trial to squeeze in a wedding during that time or would that take away the focus? >> oh, i dosqn't think it woulde squeezed in. i think they'll all be perfectly dove tailed. the source i spoke to was actually the same person that gave meet date for the charles camilla wedding. i'm really confident that the thinking is correct and this is what they're looking to do. the reason being is that the whole focus of the world, the spotlight of the world will be on london, will be on england. this is a way i think of
8:43 am
actually maintaining that focus. the fact is, we would only have a diamond jubilee for the queen. we have william and kate and the olympics. fantastic for great britain. >> absolutely. this would be a huge occasion i suspect. what are insiders telling you about that? >> well, the way i'm told, they don't particularly want a spectacle of the charles, diana weddings, the fairy tle weddings at st. paul's cathedral. what they would like is a repeat of the way it was handled for charles camilla, st. george's chapel in windsor. you still get the global coverage around the world television, net works will be able to cover it, but you won't get the same problems of having a major event at st. paul's. you can be controlled within the confines of castle. >> do we know how the queen feels about kate middleton and if she approves of a 2012 wedding? >> absolutely. that's my understanding from the source is thatshe very much approves of kate middleton.
8:44 am
she's met her on i an number of occasions. firstly she has to think as a grandmother, she wants happiness for her grandson. as a monarch, this is the guy who's ultimately the heir can going to be one day following in her foot steps. so the key to make sure that this marriage when it happens it's one that lasts. >> indee we'd all love to see that. i love kate. i think she's gat. robert jobson, thanks so much. the power of failure. we are conditionedn this country to succeed at all costs. coming up, how there could be a blessing in failure. first, getting your groove on. e psychologists who say they've unlocked the dance moves can make that will steal a woman's heart. stay tuned. [ mom ] i can't start the first grade with her.
8:45 am
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the smell of freshly juiced wheat grass and hand pressed shirts. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home. that former russian spy with all the good looks is cashing in on her notoriety.
8:48 am
anna chapman was kicked out of the u.s. in july alongwith nine others after they were exposed as russian'gs. sheade a splash last month when this video surfaced of her are photo shoot for a russ magazine. now she says her new website is about go live. anyonena, i know anna chapman is not allowed to capitalize on the scandal in the u.s. but elsewhere she can, right? >> that's right, alex. good morning to you, as well, by the way. anna chapman wasn't the only russian agent to be deport this d summer but certainly the most memorable thanks to her glamorous flame hair and light physique. you saw a few snippets of what she looks like. chapman was repeatedly saying when she's been asked by the media she can't talk about her time in america evenhough she can't talk about that, she is allowed to make the most of her looks. recently she posed in a racy photo shoot for a russian
8:49 am
magazine in a further sign the 28-year-old is looking to cash in on her celebrity status, she recently told the german magazine "der spiegel" she plan and hired website public relations experts to handle her image. she proved to be an instant hit with the media following her arrest a couple of months ago thanks to sultry pictures she posted on her facebook site. yet chapman's keenness on these sites it seems has reportedly once again landed her in hot water. following that recent photo shoot you were talking about, chapman has reportedly been sued by the publishers of that will magazine for posting those pictures and part of the video on her facebook site without their ,permission. >> otherwise, she's sort ofas sn as a hero in russia, right? >> she is. she's certainly a local hero if not a national hero and she's said to be so famous there, she has to wear sunglasses and a
8:50 am
hate when she's out in public to avoibeing recognized. she's also popular in political circles. she's met the russian prime minister vladimir putin. he said just like the other spies released in the summer, he's sure she'll have an interesting future in the country even though she can't work in the united states. >> interesting. nina, thank you for that from london. thdefinition of success and the fear of failure. how the recession could change the way you see yourself. ♪ express yourself
8:51 am
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scientists have finally figured out secrets to sexy dancing. according to a report on the website live science, psychologists at a british university recruited men to bob to a dance track while reflectors attached to their clothing recorded their moves. they had avatars make those moves and had several dozen men rate the avatars and pinpoint the moves most attractive. the end result, a big difference
8:54 am
between the sexy and notso sexy moves. without further ado, here's the sexy version. ♪ ♪ baby i like w it, the way you move on the floor ♪ >> let's go now to the not so sexy moves with the same song, ' of course. ♪ baby you'll like it the way you move on the floor, baby you'll like it come on and give me some more ♪ into that guy's got to stop looking at the floor. what's he got a contact lens? look at the girl. researchers say the difference between the good and bad comes down to the neck, torso and right knee. it has nothing do with the pelvis. they found women tend to be men who move theidr upper bodies and use a lot of space and vary their movements. advice for you all out there. an upcoming article in "newsweek" digs deep into a primal fear, e fear of failure. whether it's an investment gone wrong or piles of job applications that never resulted
8:55 am
in a callback, the economy is wreaking havoc with people's self-esteem. but americans did not always take career failure so personally, and the recession might give us a new opportunity suto redefine success. looking for the silver lining with julia baird, editor of news week". in your article,ou ta about willie low man in "death of a salesman" saying here's a guy who worked 38 years, paid off his house mortgage and he would be a hero in this economy. he certainly wasn't then. >> that's exactly right. death of a salesman written in 1949, and post-war prosperity and here's a guy who kept down a job for 38 years, he got married, had two children and during the play, had he actually made the last payment on his house, which is actually a great achievement. when you put that inay today's environment, there's a lot of people, a heck of a lot of my friends are wondering if they
8:56 am
can buy a house at all let alone pay it off while they're still living. given the number of forecloses, as well. i think that's a very interesting discrepancy. i'm not sure whether our views of failure are going to soften during this time of recession. to say actually,ou know, we used to think of it as some kind of moral flaw, some kind of identity problem, and someing that defines you. whereas one historian, a great historian, sd sasandage wrote born losers went back and say that view of failure was formed during the 19th century. before then, failure was something that happened to you. you might be bankrupt because you lived beyond your means. it wasn't some kind of flaw in your character that became your entire identity. >> yeah. >> allhis failure being associated now with your career at this point. in your article that part of the good that could come out of the recession, and
8:57 am
of course, there's much more bad than good, we may starto ace up on what you call relentless oadgment that comes along with the career roadblocks. it's all seemingly about a yat careerow. >> yes, that's right. it's ao about an upwards trajectory in career. you have to keep get diagnose promotions and move upwards and upwards in a pert pettule vertical line. moving horizontally occasionally. right now a lot of people, if they still have their jobs are on some kind of plateau. it's good to not get a pay cut. it's great to still be being paid. i think that, we really need to challenge the idea of the continual upwards trajectory when it's no longer sustainable in an economy. >> you thinkhis is healthy to re-evaluate and say look, plateaus are okay? >> absoluty it's healthy. and j.k. rowling, the wonderful author of gav harry potter gave fantastic address at harvard in 2008 when she spoke about the benefits of failure. when she will loft her job, she
8:58 am
was at her rock bottom and absa, there's something about failure that strips away the unessentials in life and it made her sit down and work at what she loved to do and stopped trying to prend to be something else. history shows us it's only when the economy is in the mud that americans start to go, i might as well do something i love or rethink what it is that life is about. and you know, what makes it worthwhile. living. and on their deathbed, people regret having worked too hard. >> right. nobody ever says, hey, ior wish had worked more. it's i wish had i spent more time with loved ones. julia baird, i think people should read it. thanks, julia baird. at the top of the hour, ian is ready to release a female held captive could there be another catch? ce? ce? running there? dancing there?
8:59 am
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